ruta butkute

swinging sleeve 2017

In ‘Swinging Sleeve’ two performers undergo an intuitive physical experiment where an exchange takes place between the objectified body and the animated object.


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The relationship between the physical form of the installation and the performers’ body movements will be explored through their dynamics. The objects have different functions and become detached from their original use. Through simple movements, the artist aims to question the specific qualities of materials, such as weight, size, mass and gravity.

The sculpture gives the impression that it has a functional origin. When via performance the traces of its use can be seen, the question then arises how can the installations be used. The construction is based on the traditional Japanese tatami floor mats; they adapt to the space they occupy in number and form. Thus the sculpture will take on very different constellations: forms and star signs after the performance is finished. Tatami originally means “to fold” or “to stack.” These characteristics are reflected in the presentations.




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#5-1 Ruta Butkute (Custom)

swinging sleeve bradwolff projects 2017

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swinging sleeve bradwolff projects 2017

#5 Ruta (Custom)

swinging sleeve bradwolff projects / art rotterdam intersections 2017

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swinging sleeve cultuurcentrum strombeek grimbergen, belgium 2016

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