katrin korfman

homo ludens

Usually Katrin Korfmann already makes it difficult for the viewer by adopting a birds-eye or aerial perspective, as we always want to see people frontally, in daily life and because we have been taught to see that way through art history. Korfmann makes that skewed perspective even more extreme by giving each jumping or running child an elongated shadow. And there we can see at once the humor in this work…


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 In the pools of black which cling to the children we can unmistakably see projections of the childlike form, but those black projections lead a life of their own, dominate the flesh and blood which is being portrayed and transform them into a team of peculiar Barbapapas. As you start to follow that spooky dance, your eye skims the whole image, up to and beyond the edge of the frame, and then shoots back and forth between the shadow and the real human form… [from: “Homo Ludens” by Tineke Reijnders]




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katrin korfmann

homo ludens: back side 2022

100 x 145 cm/120 x 173 cm

Katrin Korfmann

homo ludens: schauspiel 2022

100 x 145 cm / 120x 173 cm

Katrin Korfmann

homo ludens: nelson mandela park 2021

100 x 145 cm

homo ludens: kornati splash 2020

100 x 145 cm

homo ludens 7 2017

120 x 173 cm

homo ludens 11 2015

100 x 80 cm

homo ludens 22 2013

120 x 173 cm

homo ludens: gravitation 2010

100 x 137 cm

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