katrin korfman

count for nothing

Katrin Korfmann aims to capture the memory of a place in designing a literal image of time. The essence of both is the background, the flat surface to which she refers as ‘space zero’, on which she groups the different fragments of memory captured by the camera. This way, the originally two dimensional surface has become a new, more or less virtual space. Even though the works to be seen in the show Count for Nothing originated at totally different locations on the globe, people do not look that different when seen from above.



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anton de komplein amsterdam 2018

267 x 489 cm

de dam 2016

120 x 173 cm

running with the bulls [2 x 12 min] pamplona 2012

145 x 1oo cm

dom antao [25 min] lisbon 2009

145 x 93 cm

shanghai [46 min] 2013

145 x 100 cm

waiting for julia [3 x 10 min] berlin 2008

145 x 100 cm

waiting for atousa [1 hr] tehran 2009

145 x 100 cm

nickel’s eye [27 min] luanda 2009

145 x 100 cm

vrindavan [41 min] 2012

145 x 100 cm

king’s college [7,5 hr, 2d] cambridge 2009

145 x 100 cm

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