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Bradwolff & Partners is pleased to announce
John Hilliard
Katrin Korfmann
Unseen Amsterdam 2021
September 17 – 19, 2021
booth 16

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John Hilliard, Niagara 77 Seen As Three Tones And Three States …, 2015

(Large Study) 54 x 62 cm


John Hilliard, Mapping Both Flanks (#1), 2009
41 x 51 cm

Star Crossed.jpg Crossed 2021-09-12 om 08.03.59

John Hilliard, Study for Star Crossed, 1988
35 x 57 cm



John Hilliard, Cover Stories, Large study, 2014 66 x 72 cm

Katrin Korfmann

Katrin Korfmann, Homo Ludens, Nelson Mandela Park, 2021 100 x 145 cm

Katrin Korfmann

Katrin Korfmann, Back Stages, Marble Carrara, 2017  173 x 120 cm

Photography and Concept


At Unseen 2021 Bradwolff & Partners are presenting John Hilliard and Katrin Korfmann, in collaboration with Art Affairs. Two remarkable artists, that relate to the spirit of time are brought together under the header Photography and Concept.


John Hilliard started off as a sculptor. His early work consisted of creating and analysing images, which attitude still can be found in his photographic work. The physical way of working and thinking is the basis for this duo presentation. Actually, the points of departure for Korfmann and Hilliard are similar. Both have developed their bodies of work out of curiosity about the limitations and possibilities of the photographic medium. They manipulate the process, like a painter does on canvas and a sculptor in material. Hilliard and Korfmann create sculptural images in which time fades. They invite the viewer to become aware of place, time and state of mind. Where am I? Who am I? And what is the importance of it all?


Korfmann observes her surroundings and in her unfolded images she creates new perspectives, revealing previously hidden aspects of the world we thought we knew. She makes collages of images taken at consecutive moments, that are put together in a pictorial way. She observes the world with an analytical view, taking a critical look at how people relate and move in their environment.


Hilliard approaches his surroundings as an observer, as well as a participant. A pioneer of conceptual art in Britain, he has broken new ground in photography by juxtaposing the possibilities of the camera – as a device that represents reality – to its status in the context of the visual arts. His photography is rigorous and systematic, with an emphasis on the intellectual quality of the image, restraining the aesthetic appeal of the physical subjects depicted.


John Hilliard (1945, Lancaster, United Kingdom) studied at Lancaster College of Art (1962-64) and St. Martin’s School of Art (1964- 67). His first solo show was at Camden Arts Center in 1969. He participated in many exhibitions and his work was included in the group exhibition ‘Conceptual Art in Britain 1964 – 1979’ at the Tate Britain, 2016. His work was also part of many prestigious group exhibitions around the world, including: ‘The Family of the Invisibles’, Seoul Museum of Art, South Korea (2016); ‘Qu’Est-Ce Que La Photographie?’, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France (2015); and in the UK: ‘Exciting As We Can Make It’, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham (2014); ‘Uncommon Ground, Land Art In Britain’, City Art Gallery, Southampton (2013); United Enemies: The Problem Of Sculpture In Britain In The 1960s And 1970s, The Henry Moore Institute, Leeds (2011). Hilliard was Emeritus Professor at the Slade School of Fine Art, University College, London.


Katrin Korfmann (1971, Berlin, Germany) has held residencies at the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam (2000), Cittadellarte in Biella, Italy (2001) and the Chinese European Art Center in Xiamen (2014), China. Since the late 1990s, her work has been exhibited internationally in museums, art institutions and public spaces. Her work is represented in collections in the U.S.: C21, Bill and Christy Gautreaux, Fidelity, Twitter; in Germany: Würth Foundation, Alison & Peter W. Klein, European Patent Office, Robert Bosch Foundation; in the Netherlands: Drake Collection, AMC Art Collection, AkzoNobel Art Collection, Bouwfonds Art Collection, Rabo Real Estate Group, ING Art Collection, VandenBroek Foundation, Plancius Art Collection, Rijnstate art collection, Fotomuseum Den Haag, Carla & Hugo Brown, UMC Utrecht. She won several prizes, including Radostar Prize (CH), Prix de Rome (2nd prize) and the Esther Kroon Award (NL).

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