Jaehun Park

Twig Room


Technique: Video, Film and Video
Size: 60 x 60 x 2 cm
Authenticity: Work signed by the artist, Certificate provided
Edition: 1 out of 5

Inside the dark concrete room, a single twig slowly rotates, creating a dynamic waterfall. Concrete is a mixture of cement and water that has been used since ancient Egypt and the Roman era. It is the second most widely used substance in the world after water. Many humans live, sleep, and work in concrete structures in civilized cities, and its presence is rapidly expanding. Perhaps, in a few centuries, the entire surface of the earth will be covered by this solid and grey artificial stone. In this artwork, a simple broken branch from a tree is trapped in the concrete jail, and through computer-generated 3D water simulation, it miraculously creates a waterfall from its fractured body. This surreal and symbolic landscape raises questions about the symbiotic relationship between nature and the development of human civilization.

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