Jaehun Park

Traveling Buddha


Technique: Video, Film and Video
Size: 71 x 71 x 6 cm
Authenticity: Work signed by the artist, Certificate provided
Edition: 1 out of 3

On the half-natural, half artificially polished rock, an unknown crystal bead is orbiting around the rock and the scratched metal halo is rotating. The halo is regarded as the highest symbol of divinely sanctioned authority, varying from Buddhist paintings to Christianity symbols. Inside the bead, there is a decapitated buddha’s head rolling around. You can find the decapitated buddha heads in cheap market stores and interior shops in the western consuming culture, and most of the sacred heads are manufactured in Chinese factories. In this video, religious symbols and hyper-realistic nature objects create a controversial hypnotic moment with the Buddhist slogan “Buddha is everywhere”, even in plastic.

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