Jaehun Park

Omnishambles (Mirror)


Technique: Video, Film and Video
Size: 71 x 71 x 5 cm
Authenticity: Work signed by the artist, Certificate provided
Edition: Unique work

Extracted mirror reflection scene from the 3D simulation video ‘Omnishambles’ displays on the round shaped LED Screen. Omnishambles is a video that captures what happens for a day in a room where ceiling waterproofing construction work has not yet been completed. The arrangement, shape, and color of each object that appears in the work are taken from “Arnolfini Portrait” (1434) by Jan van Eyck, a 15th-century Dutch painter. By placing the camera in the position of Jan van Eyck reflected in the convex mirror, the author hints at the existence of digital technology that created the situation in the room. This work, which utilizes abundant art historical references, originates from the artist’s personal experience of having ceiling water leak from the ceiling of his studio in the past. An unresolvable water leak that had a significant impact on his daily life was a total disaster for him. Jaehun Park reproduces in a virtual space the experience of ‘Omnishambles’, in which he felt anxiety and fear due to a problem that he could not handle, reminding the viewer of the helpless situation each person faced.

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