marike schuurman

flashback 11 2021


For “Flashback 11”, Schuurman examines the aftermath of photography. Magnified images of discharged or faulty flashbulbs allow us to get a closer look at the potentially destructive power of light.


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Inkjetprints on aluminium, framed, museumglass, 75 x 112 cm. 2021

The smooth glass surface becomes mutilated with spherical discoloration, while wires become entangled within. Schuurman focuses on the process, emphasizing the transformation and destruction behind the photo.


Marike Schuurman’s artistic work traverses spaces and landscapes, interweaving them with the fascinating world of photography. It results in an enchanting dance of concepts and sensory impressions. Her images invite reflection on what we see when we look at a photo and what was actually there.