jan eric visser

zonder titel 2019

Untitled 2019. Newspaper, reused printer paper, inorganic household waste, sea clay, votive candle residue. 194 x 55 x 31 cm This sculpture was made of Visser’s personal inorganic household waste and is finished with sea clay. Sea clay has been deposited on the Dutch shores from the beginning of the Holocene, 11,800 years ago. It is very fertile and has partly shaped the Netherlands. The deposition of sea clay started due to sea level rises in the past when large parts of the Dutch coast flooded. Although sea level rise decreased again about 5,000 years ago, you may still find sea clay deposits in areas of The Netherlands that are below sea level. To Visser the material references our precarious existence on planet Earth.



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Technique: Sculpture, 3 Dimensional
Size: 194 x 55 x 31 cm
Edition: Unique work

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