Bradwolff & Partners is delighted to present a solo of Jaehun Park with his new led objects during Art Rotterdam 2023. In addition, Bradwolff & Partners is part of Sculpture Park with a new outdoor sculpture by Jan Eric Visser. These two artists both reflect on the fragility of the earth.
Visit us at booth 3 in the New Art Section and at Sculpture Park!



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jaehun park, overheated windmill, 2021

3D simulation video 42 x 42 x 2 cm 02m:00s (seamless loop)


jaehun park, drifting objects, 2023

3D simulation video 71 x 71 x 6 cm, 06m:00s


Art Rotterdam 2023


During Art Rotterdam, Bradwolff & Partners will show a solo presentation of Jaehun Park featuring his new LED objects. Furthermore, Bradwolff & Partners is part of Sculpture Park, showcasing a new outdoor sculpture by Jan Eric Visser. Both artists reflect on the Earth’s fragility and advocate a future in which people and matter can establish new connections. Be sure to visit us at booth 3 in the New Art Section and at Sculpture Park!


New Art Section: Jaehun Park

Jaehun Park deals with complex issues gripping the Earth. The fields of tension he explores question humanity’s attitudes that need to shift from ambiguous to activist. His practice is rooted in dismantling rituals within capitalism and consumerism. To do so, he normally uses video simulations that tell his stories as metaphorical objects in space


For Art Rotterdam, he allows these objects to manifest even further in a series of LED objects. By cutting elements out of their video-narrative and presenting them individually, he takes a new step in his development and confronts us with the narrative structure of the world we live in. Every little detail plays a role herein, and adding a sculptural dimension to an audio-visual quality only deepens his play with digital art.


Accordingly, he has chosen the work ‘Overheated Windmill’ 2021 to unravel the complex relationship between tourism and heritage. Windmills are now seen as a tourist attraction rather than an industry (as in the 17th century). Mills used for sawing wood ensured a flourishing shipbuilding industry in the Zaan region. Around 1650, approximately 75 ships were built here every year. These ships enabled the wealthy to annex even more of the world for colonisation. Now we know that this entailed oppression, murder and other mala fide practices. This video work by Park shows how tourism now often revolves around objects that made colonialism possible.


Jaehun Park (1986, South Korea) lives and works in Amsterdam and Seoul. Graduated from the Department of Painting (BFA, MFA) at Seoul National University and Master Artistic Research at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. Recent exhibitions include Topographic Atlas, Museum JAN, Amstelveen (2022), Art and Peace: Let us begin again from zero o’clock, Ulsan Art Museum, Ulsan (2022), Alternative Space Loop Seoul (2021), Sign Project Space Groningen (2021), Unseen Amsterdam (2022), Photo Basel (2021), Project Space 1646 The Hague (2019), and Artspace O Seoul (2016). His work is part of several collections including Amstelveen Municipal Art Collection, Normec, The Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Korea Institute for Advanced Study and the Seoul National University Health Service Center.


Sculpture Park: Jan Eric Visser ‘Ode’ 2022

Jan Eric Visser’s new outdoor sculpture has been selected for the first edition of Sculpture Park at Art Rotterdam 2023. With ‘Ode’ 2022, he shows a reclining outdoor sculpture made of 45 kg of recycled post-consumer plastics. With this work, he explores an ecology-based aesthetics, respecting nature’s cycle and the cycle of life. The sculpture’s flowing lines are abruptly interrupted. Its solidified fluid form can be seen as a ‘pause’ in an ongoing process of transformation and regeneration. Visser’s professional practice has been founded on ecology and sustainability since 1987, he says: ‘My oeuvre stems from a proposition to make art without using virgin materials. Alongside this, I avoid chemicals and think about energy use. I strive for an artistic reconciliation between concept, matter and activism.’


Sculptor Jan Eric Visser (1962, Netherlands) studied at the Art Academy Kampen and Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam. His work has been presented internationally by, amongst others Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, L’Étrangère Gallery London (GB), CODA Museum Apeldoorn, Verbeke Foundation Kemzeke (B), RAM Galerie Rotterdam, Art Affairs Amsterdam, Museum Artipelag Stockholm (SE), Museu da Casa Brasileira São Paulo (BR) and Museum 21_21 Design Sight Tokyo (JP). His work is included in various museum and corporate collections such as Museum Aalst (B), Verbeke Foundation (B), Hogeschool Rotterdam, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam and Aegon Art Collection. In 2021 he received the Stipendium for Established Artists Mondriaan Fund.


Sculpture Park presents a selection of mainly large-scale artworks that relate to nature or the urban environment. Sculpture Park will be shown in the Tobacco Factory during the art fair. It is made possible in part by the Droom en Daad Foundation.

jan eric visser, ode, 2022

recycled post-consumer plastics, 85 x 203 x 88 cm