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Bradwolff & Partners is pleased to announce
Sjoerd Buisman, Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky, John Hilliard and Katrin Korfmann at Art Rotterdam 2022
May 19 – 22, 2022
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Nature <—> Art

Nature contains an inexhaustible poetic power that tempts many artists time and again to create work. For Art Rotterdam 2022 Bradwolff & Partners presents in collaboration with Art Affairs: Katrin Korfmann, Eva Fiore Kovacovsky, Sjoerd Buisman and John Hilliard. These artists all reflect on natural living environments in which people are guests. All four of them incorporate this thought in their work. In this group exhibition, the various works of art engage in a conversation about the world in which we live.


Bradwolff & Partners is interested in presenting artists in dialogue form. We believe that how works in a group exhibition interact with each other, work together and offer new insights into how people deal with nature is a powerful starting point. In the works shown by Bradwolff & Partners during Art Rotterdam, the artists are guided by the laws of nature and play with those of the medium. They manipulate, twist, mirror and distort as naturally as if it were nature itself.


All four artists use a characteristic technique with a relationship to manipulation, but both the starting points and the results are different. They look for the tension that arises between abstraction and recognizability. The works never completely lose their relationship with the forms that are observable from the immediate environment, although one would not always be able to find them so literally again.


For example, Sjoerd Buisman uses nature itself in his work and bends it to his will. He follows natural phenomena and chooses things like leaves, plants and trees as material. He has a huge archive of photographs and drawings of botanical processes around the world. We show his early and latest work that is close to natural processes. His documentation of manipulated growth processes of trees and plants appeals to the imagination.


John Hilliard plays with the medium of photography in a way that is somewhere between Korfmann and Kovacovsky. He twists and plays with the technical aspects of printing. As a result, a viewer finds himself surprised at an image that cannot possibly have been made in one shot, but does pretend to be. For this he chooses landscapes such as his well-known Niagara 77 Seen As Three Tones And Three States (2015), or Mapping Both Flanks #1 (2019).


Katrin Korfmann uses photography as a medium, where she manipulates her photo’s into one natural moment in which experiences that continuously take place simultaneously can also be viewed as such. In her work Korfmann visualizes a refreshing view of the world in which no distinction is made between nature and culture. She focuses on the concept of life as a metamorphosis, in which coexistence coincides with transience.


Metamorphosis is something that also moves Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky. She lets nature resound in her artistic practice as something that gains territory on the one hand and is framed by man on the other. In an intuitive work process, she explores these topics by using plants and objects she finds in the wild. Kovacovsky is interested in creating photographic objects and installations that address our perception of nature. She then places the prints made back into nature through installations.

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