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We are very pleased to announce that Bradwolff & Partners will present
a group show with Ruta Butkute, Iva Gueorguieva and
Katrin Korfmann at Art Rotterdam.

Art Rotterdam is rescheduled for 1 – 4 July 2021. View the flyer here.

We hope to see you at Art Rotterdam 2021!
Bradwolff & Partners in collaboration with Art Affairs

booth 45

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IG Mast Womb (small).20942 (Custom)

Iva Gueorguieva, Mast Womb
289,5 x 173 x 56 cm

katrin korfmann troy lage resolutie

Katrin Korfmann, Troy
173 x 120 cm

Archeological excavation in Troy, Turkey.

floated light lage resolutie

Ruta Butkute, Float indirect light
135 x  55 cm

Moments in Time and Perspective


At Art Rotterdam 2021, Bradwolff & Partners presents in collaboration with Art Affairs: Ruta Butkute, Iva Gueorguieva and Katrin Korfmann. Three remarkable artists, each relating uniquely to the current spirit of the times, are brought together under the header Moments in Time and Perspective. A presentation in which collages of experiences and images are central.


In the everyday overload of stimuli, signs, sounds and images, we must each choose what to absorb and what not. Within the context of our own thinking, we merge small parts to form a whole. This gives rise to a strictly personal narrative with experiences and memories coming to the fore like collages. This collaged approach to our everyday lives is what links our three artists: they all work in the borderland between assemblage and collage. Thinking and making in a collage-like way simulates a certain experience of reality, that is, not all at once but rather as individual glimpses, which we then build up, arrange and rearrange.


A collage can therefore be a space for special encounters; a playground for thoughts and values, where ideas can be tested and status quos questioned. It is a space where you can dream out loud. Guided by their intuition, our artists translate moments and experiences of everyday life into their own visual language; dismantling and embracing the stratification of cultural practice. The resulting composite of different interpretations, both in material and concept, contributes to their own narrative and formation of meaning.


Iva Gueorguieva’s work, for example, is a personal investigation into the impact of COVID-19 on her work, her loved ones and her community. She created new work in isolation in her hometown of Los Angeles, which she is now showing in Rotterdam.


Ruta Butkute searches for meanings in the origins of her materials and forms. For Art Rotterdam 2021, she is mainly showing her latest works combined with objects found and processed in her immediate surroundings.


Katrin Korfmann’s photographs are both an image of reality and of collective social memory. In her works Chouara, Waldung and Troy, she unfolds, multiplies or rotates images, creating new perspectives and revealing previously hidden aspects.


Come and visit us at our booth no. 45