Art on Paper 2024
booth 41

Bradwolff & Partners is excited to announce our participation in “Art on Paper”. We will present works by Iva Gueorguieva, Tim Hawkinson, Marc Nagtzaam, and herman de vries. Join us to explore the nuanced capabilities and significance of paper as a medium through our curated selection. Visit us at booth 41!

Opening Night on Thursday, May 9th, 6-9 PM. The exhibition runs May 10th-12th, 11 AM-7 PM daily.

marc nagtzaam ’the whatever else’ 2022 graphite on paper 46,8 x 35,9 cm

Bradwolff & Partners is proud to announce their participation in ‘Art on Paper’ with an enlightening exhibition that invites visitors to discover the richness of paper as a medium. Artworks by Marc Nagtzaam, herman de vries, Iva Gueorguieva and Tim Hawkinson are brought together to offer a profound reflection on form, structure and the poetic essence of art.


Providing a captivating narrative dynamic and visual rhythm, the presentation engages with the multifaceted properties of paper. The minimalist refinement of Nagtzaam, the organic serenity of de vries, the expressive power of Gueorguieva, and the innovative work of Hawkinson all converge as unique elements in a colourful experience.


Since the 1980s, herman de vries has been emphasising the disturbed relationship between humans and nature, which he believes risks losing a vital source of knowledge. For his works on paper, he uses different types of earth as pigment, and he furthermore exhibits grasses, fragrant rose petals, and plants with hallucinogenic properties. For ‘Art on Paper’, Bradwolff & Partners has selected a series of earth rubbings produced over several decades on the Spanish island of La Gomera. de vries aims to depict nature as directly as possible; nothing is changed, nothing is added. For him, capturing the moment of observation is the poetic moment. His works invite reflection on the intrinsic value and beauty of the earthly, reminding us of our deep connection with our surroundings.


Iva Gueorguieva constructs her compositions with line, shape and often colour to create the illusion of space and movement. For ‘Art on Paper’, Bradwolff & Partners has selected a large work on muslin paper, a soft surface functioning as the perfect foundation for her dynamic female figures. Her black-and-white works evoke strong emotions and a sense of vulnerable corporeality. The smaller works exhibited are more delicate, abstract and intimate. Female figures, with sensitive yet expressive lines, are often accompanied by colours reinforcing the emotions evoked. Energetic brushstrokes alternate with transparent watercolour planes that obscure and yet simultaneously confine the bodies depicted.


Throughout his career, Marc Nagtzaam has produced a body of work based on the idea of pattern and repetition. He draws inspiration from architecture, design, texts from art magazines and details from found photographs. For ‘Art on Paper’, Bradwolff & Partners is showing a special selection of these works on paper. His drawings are composed of graphite grids, lines and dots that typically fill the entire sheet of paper. He draws these lines, grids, circles, words or sentences in an endless quest for new combinations and structures. The repetitive and graphic structure of his works are reminiscent of minimal and conceptual aesthetics. Most of Nagtzaam’s drawings consist of densely-filled graphite surfaces in which he uses an inverted shading technique where shaded and cross-hatched areas serve exclusively as backgrounds for the highlighted image.


In his ‘Drip Drawings’, Tim Hawkinson cleverly manipulates lines of ink to create convex and concave forms, resulting in strong visual appeal and optical effects. He employs an inventive technique where black ink is applied to smooth synthetic paper and the force of gravity is utilized to create sleek designs. Revealing his creative process and emphasising the role of inventiveness in his work, Hawkinson focuses on the ideas behind the drawings. And while visually stunning, they are principally valued for their conceptual and technical ingenuity.

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